17 février 2010

Et Voici LUNA

She has a blog by herself !
She is a snowshoe cat from Brazil, vivant au Luxembourg.
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gene13 a dit…

quel beau siamois !! le hasard a fait que j' ai eu 3 adorables siamois dans ma vie !
Voyou ,le chat de mon enfance
choupette , ( elle a vecu 18ans et demi)
Kaid , mon chat actuel de 3ans
Luna est tres belle !
good day

We love Luna a dit…

ohmigod, what a cool surprise!Thanks for this beautiful posts!You are so kind and your blog is always full of beauty and good energies.
Please forgive my late comment, my mommy was traveling and when she came back home, she said something about lots of laundry to do!Can you believe in it?I think I deserve more attention as my blog friends!
I'm also enchanted by your beautiful flowers, it's brighten my day here. I miss Spring so much!
Have a blessed week there!
purrs and always love

OiseauBird a dit…

Thank you Luna for your kind and nice encouragments about my blog.
I love cats and flowers

Mounette is my cat, black with long fair and so cute and nice.
She has 10 years but she is very beautiful
purrs and love